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Sliding Panel can be filled with any html content. The Boostrap Grid can be used to create the necesary columns and rows. It supports any element provided in this theme starting from typography elements, videos and images gallery and go all the way to complex elements.

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Web developement

Our works speaks for its self. We consult with our customers all through the work process to ensure that they receive the best website that is the most functional as well as visually pleasing.

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Webhosting and system operation

We offer hosting for already existing sites or sites that are newly developed at a reasonable price on our high power server.

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Print and online graphic design

Our graphic solutions reflect and follow the newest trends in the industry. Our young team works dynamically, accurately and with great attention to detail to satisfy the demands of our customers.

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Foto, video and studio rental

Aside from our photography services, our professionally equipped studio, located in the downtown area near Oktogon is available to our clients with qualified, professional assistance.

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